Turkey Processing Facility



Turkey Processing Facility

Preston was contracted to design and build an industrial ammonia refrigeration system for a new turkey kill and processing facility.


  • Meet outlined operational needs
  • Procurement and installation of all major equipment including (83) evaporators, (2) refrigerated make-up air units, (6) high side compressors, (1) swing compressor, (6) booster compressors, (5) condensers, (1) 24-point auto purger, (10) shell and tube heat exchangers, (1) subcooling shell and tube heat exchanger, §  (2) de-super heater shell and tube heat exchangers, (4) vessel packages, (1) TR plate and frame chiller for the chilled glycol system, and (2) ice makers.
  • (2) Temperature zones: -40°F and +20°F.
  • Installation, insulation, painting and tagging of piping, tanks, and valves.
  • Fabrication of custom stairs to access condensers
  • Plant air balance system
  • Engine room ventilation and ammonia detection system
  • Refrigeration system duct work
  • Drain lines
  • Sump tank and condenser water piping
  • Pressure relief system
  • Ammonia reclaim system
  • Development and integration of a PLC controls system
  • PSM planning
  • Load and start-up


  • Facility supports processing of 90,000 turkeys per day
  • System utilizes 95,000 lbs. of ammonia, 6,300 horsepower, and has 18” suction piping on -40 degrees Fahrenheit system
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