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Electrical Automation and Controls

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Our control systems are automated with industry leading PLC/PAC automation hardware, custom refrigeration control panels built in our UL Listed Panel Shop and programming with the latest industry-leading software to meet all process requirements. We use tried and proven standardized programs for refrigeration controls, which are modified to meet process needs.

Our advanced control system contains a computer HMI system to allow operators and supervisors the ability to control and operate their refrigeration system. We offer manual backup capabilities with all of our automated control systems to ensure refrigeration is operational even if automation goes offline.

Preston will engineer the project and provide a complete set of electrical schematics to show all wiring terminations. At job completion we will provide field wiring drawings for electrical contractors to build the project as well as all as-built completed drawings, PLC and HMI programs and will train your refrigeration operators on the control system.

Refrigeration Process Controls

Compressor Sequencing

Condenser Fan Sequencing (VFD, FVNR and combination)

Condenser Pump Sequencing and Water Sump Level Control

Ammonia Liquid Control

Vessel (Accumulator, Recirculator, Intercooler, etc..) Control

Evaporator Valve Control (Solenoids, MOV, Actuators)

Evaporator Fan Control (FVNR, FVR, VFD, Recipe)

Temperature or Pressure Refrigeration Valve Control

Defrost Controls (Accumulated or Time of Day)

Local Recipe Blast Controls

Chiller Control

Pump Out Control

System Monitoring

High and Low Pressure Alarms

High and Low Vessel Level Alarms

Ammonia Detection Alarm and Corrective Action Feedback

Refrigeration Motor Feedback for Running or Failure Alarm

Refrigeration Equipment Status

Refrigeration Zone Temperatures

Temperature Trending on Graphics System

Pressure Trending on Graphics System

Energy Usage

Refrigeration Energy Management Controls

Suction Pressure Optimization by Compressor Sequencing

Discharge Pressure Optimization by Compressor Sequencing

Refrigeration Recipe Controls

Night and Weekend Temperature Setback Program

Refrigeration Load Shedding based on Energy Usage

Power Factor Correction Design Optimization

Associated Process Controls

Chilled Water Automated Spray Control System Controls

Automated Product Conveying Controls

Walking Beam Conveying and Product Sorting Automation

Process Control Systems in conjunction with Refrigeration

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